Robotic Systems Laboratory

About us

The activities of the laboratory are dedicated to applied research work in the areas of distributed robotic systems, computing systems, systems of intellectual automation, automated laser-optic and optoelectronic systems. The main object of interest is the application of robotics to the development of modular distributed complexes with flexible remote network interactions and hardware and software resource sharing. Such systems with wired and wireless connections between their constituents are characterized by a high degree of fault tolerance, interchangeability of modular units, the independence from network infrastructure and oriented to the wide scope of different applications, such as smart houses and industrial automation.

Laboratory research and development areas
– distributed robotic and computing systems
– intellectual automation for scientific and technical applications
– laser-optic automated hardware and software complexes

– intellectual automation
– robotic systems
– optical diagnostics
– remote sensing


Distributed robotic system

  • Distributed design with specialized multi-purpose modules connected through wireless network
  • Automatic module recognition and hot
  • Independence from network infrastructure
  • Flexible ad-hoc routing
  • Distributed computing among robotic system modules
  • High fault tolerance
  • Standardized interface for the developers of additional modules

Distributed computing system

  • Microcomputer cluster linked by wire and wireless
  • Hot swap design with automatic upload of operating software
  • The study of the influence of node number and network parameters on the efficiency of distributed computing for robotic applications

Head of Laboratory
Dr. Sergey BUSHUK
phone +375-17-3680436