Optoelectronic Engineering Laboratory

Laboratory research areas
  • development of optoelectronic surveillance systems in the middle and far infrared spectral range
  • spectral studies of light, photo and laser diodes for the development of environmental monitoring devices
  • modeling of optical processes and defect formation in semiconductor heterostructures
  • The temperature dependence of internal parameters of disc laser diodes InAs/InAsSbP / V.V. Kabanov, E.V. Lebiadok et al. // Semiconductors 43 (2009)500.
  • Amplified luminescence and output characteristics of high-power InGaAs/AlGaAs laser diode arrays/ V.V. Kabanov, E.V. Lebiadok et al. // Quantum Electronics 41 (2011) 95.
  • Optimal fill factor for laser diode arrays applied to transversally pumped erbium laser / T.V. Bezyazychnaya, M.V. Bogdanovich, A.V. Grigor’ev, V.V. Kabanov, Y.V. Lebiadok et al. // Optics Communications 285 (2012) 2397.
  • Radiative and nonradiative recombination in the active layers of high-power InGaAs/GaAs/AlGaAs laser diodesV.V. Kabanov, E.V. Lebiadok et al. // Semiconductors 46 (2012) 1316.
  • Optimal output mirror reflectioncoefficient for powerful InGaAs/AlGaAs laser diode arrays / M.V. Bogdanovich, V.V. Kabanov, Y.V. Lebiadok et al. // Optics & Laser Technology 45 (2013) 177.
  • Point defects and amplification in active layers of InGaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures / T.V. Bezyazychnaya, Y.V. Lebiadok et al. // Physics of the Solid State 55 (2013) 2165.
  • Powerful Laser Diode Matrixes for Active Vision Systems / D.M. Kabanau, V.V. Kabanov, Y.V. Lebiadok et al. // International Journal of Mechanical, Aerospace, Industrial and Mechatronics Engineering 8 (2014) 1970.
  • Light emitting diode–photodiode optoelectronic pairs based on the InAs/InAsSb/InAsSbP heterostructure for the detection of carbon dioxide / T.V. Bezyazychnaya, D.M. Kabanau, Y.V. Lebiadok et al. // Semiconductors 49 (2015) 980.
  • Influence of vacancies on indium atom distribution in InGaAs and InGaN compounds / T.V. Bezyazychnaya, D.M. Kabanau, Y.V. Lebiadok et al.// Lithuanian journal of physics 55 (2015) 10.
  • Influence of vacancies on GaN/AlN interface characteristics/ Y.V. Lebiadok, T.V. Bezyazychnaya, D.M. Kabanau et al.// Proc. SPIE 9748 (2016) 97480W-1.
  • Active vision systems based on powerful laser diode matrixes: design peculiarities and vision range / D.V. Shabrov, V.V. Kabanov, Y.V. Lebiadok// Proc. SPIE 9987 (2016) 998707-1.
  • Nitrogen vacancies in the GaN/AlN heterointerface / Y.V. Lebiadok, T.V. Bezyazychnaya, K.S. Zhuravlev// Proc. SPIE 9994 (2016) P. 99940I-1.
  • Measurement of the water content in oil and oil products using IR light-emitting diode–photodiode optrons / M.V. Bogdanovich, D.M. Kabanau, Y.V. Lebiadok et al.// Technical Physics 62(2) 344-346.

Head of Laboratory
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