Microwave Photonics Laboratory

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The main laboratory research and development activity belongs to the microwave photonics, which study interactions between microwave and optical waves for the generation, processing, control and distribution of microwave signals. Microwave photonics allows to create microwave devices and systems with outstanding parameters, which are can not be achieved by traditional electronic techniques. Main advantages of microwave photonic devices and systems are connected with unique properties of optical fiber:
– ultra-low loss (less than 0.0005dB/m) and dispersion (for microwave signals)
– ultra-wide band (limited by photodiodes and electro-optic modulators bandwidth)
– high immunity to electromagnetic interference
– full galvanic isolation
– mechanical flexibility
– low mass and size

Laboratory research and development fields:
– high-power photodiodes with bandwidth up to 100GHz for the spectral range of 1250-1650nm
– fiber-optic transmission links and distribution systems with bandwidth up to 100GHz
– photonic generation of ultrawideband microwave signals with bandwidth up to 100GHz
– ultralow-phase-noise optoelectronic oscillators with high immunity to temperature fluctuations, vibrations, and electromagnetic interference

Applications of microwave photonic devices and systems:
– radars
– wireless communications
– microwave measurements