Intelligence Electronic Systems Laboratory

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Hardware and software complex for registration of parameters of flame erosion processes of liquid-propellant rocket engines heat-stressed structural elements

Hardware and software complex is designed for investigation of flame erosion processes of heat-stressed structural elements of liquid-propellant rocket engines using non-contact electromagnetic, optical, thermal and other monitoring methods and means with the aim of creating diagnostic and emergency protection systems for liquid-propellant rocket engines





Complex of test facilities for ground testing of onboard ionizing radiation spectrometer units

Earth based complex of facilities for testing is designed for automation of ground testing and control of on-board scintillation spectrometers of cosmic radiations and particles.








Hardware and software complex for monitoring magnetic shields properties and characteristics of magnetic fields of products with magnetic materials

Hardware and software complex enables evaluation of magnetic shields effectiveness and spatial characteristics of magnetic fields of electrical products made of magnetic materials.









Optoelectronic and electronic units of the аtmosphere limb sounding instrument

Optoelectronic and electronic units are necessary for experimental ground-based development of basic elements and functioning of atmosphere limb sounding instrument intended for global monitoring of ozone and gas components of atmosphere from spacecrafts using an eclipsing method for solving environmental problems.


Multichannel information acquisition and processing unit of spectrometric equipment complex designed for radiation situation monitoring

Multichannel information acquisition and processing unit is a part of scientific spectrometric equipment complex, which is designed for monitoring of radiation situation and space weather from spacecrafts. Unit is designed for acquisition, processing, accumulation and transmission to spacecraft computer of scientific information, received from multilayer scintillation detector system, which provides separate registration of electron, proton, helium nuclei, neutron and gamma-quantum flows variations.